GEORGIA - Any installs around Atlanta?

Hi Folks,

I just bought my first truck… a 2011 Ford Raptor (SCREW w/ NAV)… I traded a 2009 Porsche 911 in on this truck as I recently acquired 9 acres of rural property adjacent to a US National Forest in North Georgia and needed a 4WD vehicle.

So… New Truck, and this truck is a beast! So, I need beastly sound.

I’d like a train Air Horn installed, but please forgive my naivety as I am not mechanically inclined… is there any place around Atlanta that does installs?

Thank you,
Blue Ridge, Georgia

Hey welcome! Got any pics of your truck yet?

Hi Fellas,

Yes… pics of the beast:

And here’s the specific reason for the purchase of the truck, I have to cross this river 3 times to get to our property:

After perusing youtube videos all night long… I’ve decided I’m going to go with the HornBlasters Shocker Classic 228VX Train Horn Kit… they seem to be going for about $449-$479.

BTW, I found an installer from Hornblaster’s website… “Godfather’s Customs” in Decatur, GA.

Try PM’ing a buddy of mine …

Tell him I (Kris) sent you his way, he’s got the 540 kit IIRC.


thats a baddonkey truck and awesome home man!!

I love the whole front end on those trucks!

Welcome and nice truck!

Just installed a K&N air filter on the truck this weekend… WOW! What a difference cold air makes! The new intake woke this truck up. I doubt I’m getting the 20hp increase as advertised… but there is a noticeable difference in the seat and sound…

Speaking of sound, I also installed a DMH electric cutout too… with a name like “Raptor”, my truck now sounds the way it should have come from the factory!

I dunno of it’s cuz im my phone…but ur truck makes that basketball net look very small…lol

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Looks like your going to need to install a toolbox and run your setup in there if your going to be crossing that river all the time