Anybody on here from Georgia?

I am from south GA

I’m from the ATL… :smiley:

Southeast GA in the house here too!

welcome to the forums

welcome aboard!

Im from Augusta here! haha

I’m from 30 miles north of disgusta…i mean augusta

my father, God rest his soul , was born in Augusta back in 1907 past away back in 1984. also one of his brothers was a sheriff in augusta way back when. last named maddox. and not lester so don’t think about going there.:smiley:

I’m 60 miles south of Augusta.

wow quite a few GA boys upin the house.haven’t been in augusta since the late fifties when I was a wee tike.I will never forget my dad teaching my mom how to drive and she ran his 1951 buick roadmaster in a ditch outside my aunts dad said thats it get out! she never did drive from that day forward some 50 yrs later and she still does not drive.LOL!:smiley:

omg! thats honkin insane!! lol but also good…im sure the roads have been safe for some 50yrs…lol

precisely scaredu! LOL :smiley: 91 and still going strong!:smiley:

I am in savannah Ga. blastin downtown , River street.

I here in Acworth ga

lol thats crazy…i could not not drive

I am in the heart of Valdosta

Yes I live in LaGrange Ga.

Hello all,
I am new to this hobbie. Actually, I fell into it when I found a couple 5 bell airchimes cheap from a salvage yard. So now I am trying to learn about the workings of the parts, gaskets, springs & diaphrams etc.

I stripped down my Nathan P-5 Airchimes in its entirety (bells only, not manifold).
In it I found springs around 3 of the 5 o-rings to the bell inlet. My question is, what are the springs function and will the bell work with the 2 missing? I have a pic and a short utube vid showing what parts I am referring to. …

Also, I need to know the best way to prepare the gaskets & diaphrams for replacement. IE cleaning solutiond, if dry ot light oil. Just info on the proper condition to replace them.
Is there a tork pressure used to replace the 6 plate screws on the back of the bells?

I am a retired electrical contractor and drive part time in the pilot car industry. I have mechanical ability once I understand what I am working with.
Any help would be a blessing. I am painting them the colors of Auburn University and plan on having some fun time at the Tiger football games this season.


Hey guys. I’m in Cartersville. Got a set of K5’s and love em.