Get a Room you two!

I had my truck parked at the park helping my friend who is homeless out. A red car pulled in and parked next to my truck. I walked over to use the restroom and I notice them making out and well… you get the idea:rolleyes: I walk over to my friend and tell him whats happening and he tells me to honk the train horn. So I did :smiley: I held the button down for a good two seconds and the chick jumps off of the guy and into the passengers seat and they look around. They looked over at me with the most priceless looks on their faces and I yell, “Get a room you two!” They drove off but as they were I got a nice middle finger salute from the girl in the passengers seat. :smiley: The moral of the story, NEVER make out in a public park while parked next to a hornblaster! :smiley:

:D:DToo Funny!! Way to go!!!:D:D

That will be a classic!