Getting Sarted Need help!

I know this has been asked many times but I need some advice on what I need to BLAST my horn. I have a Leslie RS3 and that’s it. I need the rest…tank…comp…valves…etc. I know there are many ways to do this but you guy’s are the experienced ones. I have a 06 Dodge 4x4 Short Bed Quad Cab Diesel. Thanks in advance Bill

check out they have everything you need in stock also give them a call they will help you out for sure…

X2 - Hornblasters has many combinations that will surely fit your budget.

Kilby OBA kit for your air. They make it for the 5.9L, but sadly there isn’t a kit yet for my 6.7L. It’s times like this I hate being on the cutting edge.

12 gallon tank minimum, with all the trimmings. HB can set you up really nice with that.


get like a 10gal tank, 1 viair 480 or 2 hornblaster dual pack, 5/8"dot hose…1/2"solenoid vavle,psi switch,and just wire everything up…u dont need a huge tank.or a oasis for casual horn use…depending on how u use the horn a 10gal tank will get u by

We’ll help anyone piece together the right air system for them. We carry all the parts to do a 12 volt onboard air system right.

And to answer the original question, you’ll need the following:

12v or Engine-Driven Air Compressor
Pressure Switch
Air Tank (5 gallon min., 1/2in Ports)
Electric or Manual Valve (1/2in again)
1/2in Air Line & Fittings.
Switches & Wiring Parts

Optionally you can use:
Pressure Regulator
Tank or Dash Gauge

I’m not sure what the recommended pressure is on an RS3, but I would imagine 120 PSI is completely safe and more than likely 145 is okay as well.

Good luck with your system =)