Getting Shocker XL 540 Kit TOMORROW!!!


I’ve been obsessing over it for a month now. I’ve wanted a Train Horn for over a year now, but always ended up spending the money on other stuff for my truck…but I finally just bit the bullet and bought it!

I never been so anxious to get something lol, not even my truck.:eek:

I’ll be installing it on Monday in my Autoshop class.

I also will make a tutorial video on how to install the Shockers, because I’ve looked everywhere and have not found a single tutorial video so I’m sure it will help some people out.

Anyways…just had to share my feelings lol… Anything else I should know before I start the install?

Congrats you will love it.

wait video

? your translator is not working

Congrats! I think he means we’re awaiting your video.

ahhhh today’s the day!
Gonna be a late night?

No i am going to install it at my autoshop in class on Monday and get it done right…

probably make custom mounts and maybe weld a bit.

and so the Teacher can help me out if I get confused. And 100 points Extra Credit lol… for installing a train horn at school :slight_smile:

I hope he lets me test it!

Nice extra credit to install something awesome hehe