getting the itch again!

Been a while but getting the itch again to mount my K3LA.
It hasnt been put on my new (now 3.5years old) truck yet!
Now just to find a way to run the 5/8" airline into the cab without making the floor swiss cheese like my last truck. LOL
Any ideas?
2012 Silverado. Ext cab. 12 gallon tank is in bed.

I know exactly how you feel. I recently traded my Dodge Ram pickup for a new 2016 Chevy Tahoe. I need the Horns !!!

Well luckily i still have mt shockers. But nothing is like the K3LA singing!

I also know how you feel, my K5’s & shockers need to come off my truck (I’m selling it) so I need to find something else to put them on:D

Pete noooo, say it ain’t so!! What’s a man without his horns on his famous or infamous truck :frowning:
Why you replacing it and what you looking for next then?

I’ll tell you what a man is without his horns… a house husband… :frowning: That’s what I’ve become… well… not REALLY… I still go to work… but I sold my truck a couple years ago, and recently (3 days ago) purchased another truck…

So I’m not going to be a house husband anymore… I’m going to get the horns and a custom console to complement it all…

On my '08 Ram 3500 there were access holes with plastic plugs in the bottom of the cab. I just popped them out and ran the lines up there. Took me more time to route the air lines than it did finding the plugs.

I’d recommend either getting it on a 4 post lift or waiting until warmer weather and get under it to find it.