giddie -up go!!

rolling down the back country roads of st.augustine go by the exclusive equestrian estate developement (lattie dah) big dough country, I spy these two horses grazing with their blinders on ,gave the handle a good yank and boy did I get the gidie -up going from those two!! lol!:smiley:

We have 5 horses you know…lol…

I dont mind honking, but there are 2 thinngs I always avoid and thats animals and small children.

guess I’ll have to blast the lawn mower/landscaper guys then!:smiley:

why not animals? I scare the shit out of cows whenever I drive by em:D

If I was going to scare anything, I’d scare animals over people…

yeah I had julio on his stand behind riding mower in my sites but had oncoming unknown traffic that pre-empted me from blasting him off the rider:D

my god that is the best thing i heard all day…julio imma ring yo ears BOY WOO WEE!

I want to find Fainting Sheeps and scare them and watch them get stiff and fall over!
Just like a poop load of them all at once…lol

haha that would be awesome!

didint you just post that somewhere else

mind yo business…LOL

those are goats

their animals that faint when u scare em… so what…lol