Girl Scouts FTW

Wow this was so mean but at least I can say it wasn’t my choice. I went to the store while my family sat in the car, about 15 feet from a girl scout cookie stand.

As I walk into the store they blare it and make me jump, and the girl scouts squeel. While in the convenience store they hit the horn about 3 more times.

The girls seemed to freak out, then forget about it. The leaders were pissed “Tell them that sh** aint funny”.

One of my favorite scares, as bad as it is :stuck_out_tongue:

LOl i actually thhought about doing this but i couldnt

I ate a brownie once…

come on man, this is a redneck truck owning forum, you can’t get away with copying larry the cable guy :stuck_out_tongue:

i was actualing copying that line from WITHOUT A PADDLE…