girlfriend cheeting i need serious help

Need your guys advice on what I should do, I feel taken advantage of and my stomach is starting to hurt…so let me start from the begining

2 weeks ago my gf’s phone rings and she goes into the other room to talk to this person, I ask her who it is she gets defensive and tells me its “one of her gf’s from work” well I ask her what did she want, well she says this Fridays girls night im like “okay” no problem go out and have fun. Well 4:am comes around and im blowing up her phone and she doesnt call me back to let me know where shes at or if she is okay. Im waiting up for her, she didnt drive she said her gf was picking her up. Well she comes in but I never hear a car pull up, but I meet her at the door and I can see in the distants a car pulling off the side street that no one ever uses.
Whatever, she says she was over at Coney Island and I worry to much. honk it im going to bed.

Next few days same thing phone rings she hides in the room and gets defensive when I ask her who it was. Well now its Tuesday night and its all of a sudden “girls night again” well she is in the shower getting ready I hear her phone go off and I pick it up…the phone number is blocked but I answer it saying hello hello and no reply on the other end and they hang up. She gets out of the shower and see’s me on her phone and throws a honking fit…im asking her if she is cheating and she tells me im paranoid. honk it im pissed. She comes home really late again from her “girls night” and im peeking throu the window and see the same car drop her off down the street. As she is walking up to the porch I open the door and I turn the light on and ask her who that was and why did they drop her off so far from the house…she said im a honking ******* and worry to much and that it was a taxi.
I call bullshit.

So the very next honking day she gets another call and I can vaguely hear her throu the door and she tells this person on the phone she will meet up later…
So she comes outta of the room and tells me she is going out to dinner with some girl friends …
So I have finalllllly had it. She takes off around 9pm. Im gonna be ready this time. its late now around 1:45am and she still isnt home. So im outside right now in the freezing cold waiting for this “mysterious car” to drop her off.
So now I find myself waiting behind my Mustang and I notice some rust starting to develope around the bells of my k5la…can anyone advise me or refer me to a good bump shop that can sand blast that area?

yea after i drop ur gf off again ill take a look at ur k5la for ya…deal? lol

hahhaa, that’s a good one.

To the OP though. Hop in your Car and go sit on the Side Road where she gets dropped off and just wait…OR…After she leaves, YOU go out and MAKE SURE you don’t come home until the Next Morning, when you KNOW she’ll be there. Go out get some booty, then when she asks where you were, tell her it was a Guys Night Out.

dude its a joke,ive seen this in many different forms,but always gets me tho

i think u need to dump the girl…and move on…to another k5la…o put some airplane stripper on them bells they will take away the rust…BROES BEFORE HOES

Rust on aluminum? That’s a new one…


cunt punt the ho… haha

yea ive seen this one before…lmao

Hahaha I believed it until the end

i just suggested the airplane stripper on the bells…

Let her go, she’s not worth your health worrying about. She must be lying because I’ve never dated one that was that defensive about going out with the girls.

LOL i still cant believe all of these replies…the whole thing is a made up joke guys!

I"m just waiting for the freakin’ punchline!

Haha I just laughed loud as hell in the office. Great stuff.

If that’s all there is… what the hell am I missing here?

Joke was help his girlfriends cheating on him, but at the end he asks advice about his trainhorn instead…lol

theres soo many different versions of this joke on the net

I figured he was just trying to keep it horn-related… Some forums are nit-picky that way… not saying this place is though…

lol…no its all just a joke…he prolly dont even have a girlfriend…lol jk!!

Whoo WHOOOO lol