girls in motorcycle!!!

i was driving to miami beachand i saw this two girls drivig this motorcycle right and i sound my train horns i have a hb4h kit and she were screaming like and she push the gas and almost she hit a car!!! in this case i was the one that were scare deam lol i could get into a lot of truble that night!

i would have liked to been there to see that i would have died laughing and hit my horns just to finish what you started

LOL thats funny

As a motorcyclist, I have to say something here.
Regular horns are enough to take a motorcyclist’s attention off the road and focus it on the horn that has been sounded. You can go from safe to dead real fast on any motorcycle. For the sake of not inadvertently killing someone, please don’t honk your train horns at motorcyclists.

Case in point - during the pre-election demonstrations - there were people at intersections holding signs. These people were looking for reactions from motorists, who of course sounded their horns constantly. It became not only a traffic nightmare, but a safety issue for me - because of all the horn honking. A horn is the only warning a motorcyclist will get when riding into harm’s way. Sounding a horn directly at a motorcyclist could cause the rider to make a riding error that will result in his/her death.

Please act accordingly.

i know men i won’t do it again for sure i was the one who were scare this time

and yet 90% of the motorcyclists down here in FL ride around way above the speed limit, weaving through cars, and just down right dont care about there lives i guess… ive had many occasions where they cut me off not giving a damn and i honk at them with my train horn and they almost bite the dust, serves them right. i say screw them im going to honk at them…

I’m not telling anyone to do anything… and people will do what they will… but if your actions result in a crash or someone’s death, I hope you can live with the results of your actions…

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it illegal to lane-split in Florida? That screams of young, inexperienced riders to me. I know that its perfectly legal to do it in California and I do it often - but never over 35-45 mph.

Always ride within your limits and within the confines of the law.
If you can’t, then take it to a track…

FYI - the crazy Floridian riders face SERIOUSLY high fines now for everything from speeding to incorrectly displaying one’s license plate…

good i hope they raise the laws, i wasnt bashing u lance, just the riders around here. im referring to the crotch rocket 18-25 riders. what do u mean by lane splitting?

lane splitting is riding in between cars in a lane… kinda riding on the lines…
i think its legal in CA…

You are correct, that’s what it is - and it is perfectly legal in California.
However many drivers (cagers) do not realize this and constantly swerve to get in the way of an approaching motorcycle.

Still, there are many who move over to allow bikes to pass, something that alleviates traffic for everyone since there’s no motorcyclist that wants to sit behind a car, breathing in exhaust fumes.

No offense taken Brizzal.
I just worry about the safety of motorcyclists - even the idiots…

I sooo want to move to CA! Ride all yr long!

yeah i don’t have a bike uti would like 2 get one to see howit is

Yup, almost true…

I’m riding today…

Is English a secondary language for you? My brain is numb after reading this.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you sincerely wish to ride, hedge your bet and get some formal training before you buy a two-wheeled vehicle.

You may also save money on your motorcycle insurance. Plus, its mandatory now for many states (most recently Florida) for all riders under the age of 21 to undergo formal ride training.

I took the MSF course about 10 years ago and have been down twice, but I firmly believe that a solid education about what to do and more importantly, what NOT to do will save your life. - Motorcycle Safety Foundation Site

come on men my english its not that good but u know i try my best. I would like to get a bike but my dad says that if i get one he will go back to cuba lol he does not want me to see died thats what he says… Here in Miami the guys in the bikes always are speeding at more than 100 miles bro so thats why he says that.

and english is my secondary language.

Even if you decide to just ride a friend’s bike for fun - consider taking the course. If you have a love of riding… eventually you will have to ride.

I always wanted to ride motorcycles, but never had one. This was due to my solemn oath to my mom that I would never ride as long as she lived. Within a year of her passing, I (and my dad) were on two wheels.

It gets in your blood… its not really something you have a choice about.

Sorry about your mom bro. But u know how parents are and more at my age i am only 18 and i don’t want to make them feel bad. But for sure i will have to drive one of those some day.