Google privacy policy

Will you continue to use Youtube, gmail, google search, or any other program associated with them when they start releasing your information to advertisers?

I will just search how to kill advertisers and plotting to kill advertisers over and over… they can sell that poop lol…jk

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I think facebook does. so yea, still will use it haha

That’s why I don’t have any social networking sites linked to my “real” e-mail accounts.

I have one that is for professional e-mails (like job hunting) and a secondary e-mail account I use for forums, YouTube, Facebook, etc…

So yeah, let them sell my secondary e-mail account info … it’ll all end up in the bin anyway!


What about their programs that don’t use e-mail and run from a browser like google search does from internet explorer or firefox?

ill continue to use it, my phone is android so i have everything go thru my gmail, with the calendar, contacts, backup my texts and calls, i could care less :smiley:

I read the policy and they’re only releasing your info to their advertisers