Got a taste of my own medicine

So, the girlfriend thinks the horns are mean. So on my way back from lunch today I am honking at people on the side of the street and making them jump and what not. Well when we get to the office and she goes to take my truck I walk in front of the truck to go into the building and she definitely hit the horn button on me and I jumped :frowning: LOL karma always catches up!

Lol i kno how u feel, i have a friend his name is geno and he gets scared y them real easly and i do it all the time to him, so one time he got me and it made me jump real bad lol…he couldnt stop laughinh

hahahhh thats funny

Lol that’s awesome.

Yall dont even know… my girl would hide in my jeep and blast me every chance she got. That is exactly why I now have a gw valve on my side of the seat instead of a button on the dash.

my gf did that to me a few times, now i blast them at her every moment i can. atleast she thinks it funny… lol

lol…thats too funny!

I think I would have had a heart attack!

Yeah, I like living so I don’t want to do it to my girl LOL