Got an RMA In Today!!! And WoW!!

pretty much speechless on this one… :eek:

WOW! … so yeah I guess we have to make sure to ask people if there pressure switch was screwed into the tank or the compressor??? :rolleyes:


i couldnt resist…lmao


dum dum needs gum gum

Look, its a compressor SUPERCHARGER!

I about laughed my a$$ off this morning when Matt sent me a photo of this. I honestly thought he was pulling my leg. This user needs a crash course in installation tips…

i cant wait till the person who sent this end logs onto the forum and sees that he is a dum dum…lol that will be epic


LMAO!!! thats too funny!

i think the best part is that he got a fitting so it would fit… lmao look closely you can see the brass fitting, viair’s dont come with that! haha

Interesting choice

i saw this today again and i laugh again wtf was wrong with this guy ahh???


do all Viair comps have stickers that tell what goes to where? mine does.

I don’t get it, I installed mine like that and it works fine … maybe because the K5LA’s work off a manifold?

I hope you’re kidding… the system can’t work like this.
The intake is being plugged by the pressure switch.


Cut my fill time almost in HALF!


A few things…

  1. If someone wants a train horn, the kits sold at hornblasters provide EVERYTHING needed to get you blasting away. The kits are well thought out.

  2. The kits do come with basic instructions that show the system’s major components.

  3. The tech support and forum info get top grades from just about everyone.

One thing is lacking:

The kits should come with a parts listing and diagram, so buyers can identify what parts are being called for in a unit assembly. Also, exploded diagrams of unit assemblies would be helpful.

This would GREATLY reduce install time & frustration, AND follow up calls to tech support. I suspect you also would not be getting returns such as the one posted here.

Overall, I give hornblasters an excellent rating. Still there is some room for improvement that I should think, would be easily accomplished:

Overall grade: A-

BTW I couldn’t be happier with my K5LA kit. Well done guys!


so by that report from pc… he actually did put the pressure switch in the compressor at some point… lmao

And by “that report”, my K5LA was working… and filling my tank in half the time!! :smiley:

You should have known better :cool: