got fuses blowing all the time?

I had a problem with my main power fuse blowing or should I say melting to the fuse holder due to a sticky relay or a pump wanting to lock up. well I found the fix and its just $14.00 comes from uneeksupply

works like a champ!:smiley:

looks good i have one of those :slight_smile:

Sweet. I’ve heard those are cheaper in the long run if your having problems with your system. Alot more convenient too.

yeah , I have burned up at least 4 of the 60amp blade fuse blocks @ about 10.00 per block,went to this jewel for 14.00 and just get out click it back & get to scaring again fast & easy.:smiley:

U can also get those at Boat marine stores they use those on boats too :slight_smile: they range up from 80amps up to 200amps as well. Just if u live near a boat store lol dont have to wait for shipping :slight_smile:

Normally, your system should not even blow fuses.

i ran a twenty amp fuse it blew about 6 months after it was put in, and now i run a 30 amp with no issues. you need to check your stuff out… lol

How did you wire your things up, 06BSPXR?

I just burnt my first one up, Ive had mine over a year, no problems really

yeah if your blowing fuses like crazy then something is wrong… breaker wont solve the issue

no , :eek:really??

I have a relay on each of the viair pumps & 1 power source,my relay for pump 2 is sticking for some reason (cheap ass relays) can smack the cover with a screw driver handle and it un sticks but a couple of days later it does it again. the new fuse makes it a snap, flip the hood open ,flip the relay reset switch and I’m golden.too big and lazy to get into my covered bed in 100 degree heat to change it out.:slight_smile:

Good find. Never saw them before. New relay would have been cheaper. That relay can catch fire.

I am blowing fuses, but I know what my problem is… I’ve got a monster power distribution block meant to go in the trunk under the bed of my truck. So my fuses are exposed to the elements of the road. I have been trying to find a completely sealed distribution block. No luck yet :frowning:

Here is a picture of what the harsh elements are doing to my fuses… :frowning:

sometime mine even melt the fuse case lol

cheap wal-mart ones suck (scosche) also dont buy cheap fuses they will melt, had that happen to half of my fuse box before! get good stuff

i got mine at autozone, 2 fuse 4.99 + tax thats not cheap lol and the case was the expensive one like 10.99

I use the car audio fuses… right now I’m running 30amp fuses to my compressors…

Oh, and I found out that it was not the elements, the distributing part of the dist block was contacting the other side (basically it was a straight through with no distributing going on), once I seperated those 2, the fuses aren’t getting THAT hot, and they haven’t blown yet…