got more than they asked for !

rollin back to the house this afternoon behind a school bus load of 6th graders.the bus stopped & let off about a dozen kids as they were walking away the one kid gives the old signal for the truck horn and waved at me,just as I rolled by them I hit the horn and it looked like about 5 of them were going to fall over and the kid that signaled me his jaw dropped! lol! oh and the bus driver took off like the backend of the bus was on fire,never did catch up with it. :smiley:

Lmao nice man. These little girls that live on my street give me the honk signal every time I pass haha. Its still funny to see them jump and run away.

I agree,I remember when I was a kid giving the trucks in my hometown the signal & getting them to honk that loud truck horn,but the look of panic on those kids faces especially the ones that didn’t see the oldest one signal me was precious. :smiley:

haha yea ive made a few kids fall before getting them off guard…lol always fun gettin a group of kids and 1 of them walkin backwards…lol falls everytime

i made one lil thug in training jump so hard he dropped his saggin pants

LOL ! that would be the ultimate scare :smiley:

haha thug in training…lol

Do you think the kid will learn not wear his pants around his balls so that doesn’t happen again? I think not, they’re usually too busy trying to be popular.

no they hang em that low so, if the po po happen to go chase them, they can drop the pants which leads to less friction and run at a faster speed… I may be wrong tho :slight_smile:

lolol my cousin got on the p.a. yelling at this HUGE homie that looked like he wouldda shot all of os yelling at him to " pull them pants up boy!" i couldnt stop laughing for hours

lmao :slight_smile:

haha I need to get one of those

around where i live there is a city that gives people tickets if your boxers are showing, id hit the siren and then yell pull up them pants boyyyyy

haha yea thats dumb tho to get a ticket…
but i def still need to get some sirens…lol

ROFL!!! what did he do?

just be careful who you yell “boy” to…lol

why? i’ll yell boy to who ever i want to… apperantly you havent seen my videos… if they can call me white boy, cracker, honkey ect… and they call themselves Ni**ers then i’ll call who ever the hell i want anything i want

I agree with you but you’re risking your health.

they are risking their health when i pull out my .40

Damm right man Im with you on that one :slight_smile: