Got my first victim today... :D

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking on these forums for a few months now. It’s been really entertaining reading all of the scare stories as I worked on building my OBA system and installing my horns.

I have an '01 Ram that I have installed a York 210 air compressor in. I custom built a bracket to run the AC off of the engine. It was a PITA but well worth it, because that pumps out some AIR! I opted for a 3-gallon tank under the frame rails because I didn’t want to sacrifice bed space. I paired this up with the Shocker XL kit, and I’m really happy with the results. I think eventually I will upgrade to some Nathan’s, but for now Shockers fit the bill.

Anyway… I’ve only been driving around with them for a couple of days with the whole setup, so I didn’t have any really good scares to report until yesterday. :slight_smile: Thought I would share my “first” scare.

As I was driving through my town, there was a jack-hole riding my bumper. I don’t know why people see truck, and think I should ride its butt. It was even funnier that they guy thought he could intimidate me with his little Mini…

I crossed a set of train tracks and the cars in front of me stopped. I managed to clear the tracks, but the guy behind me was stopped on them with nowhere to go.

As I crossed the tracks, I noticed a train sitting there. It was not moving, and was back far enough not to trigger the crossing arms. This just helped the setup even more, and I mashed the foot switch.

The view in my rear view mirror was priceless! This guys had to have soiled himself. Right as his initial shock wore off, the train decided it was going to get in on the honking action too! I really wish I had a camera for this one.

I look forward to reading and sharing many more scare stories. My buddies want to go out this weekend with the video camera and make some memories. :wink:


Look out, He’s got K5Fever.
We can’t wait to see some Vid footage. It all ways helps if you have a buddy for filming. If not, if you own a tripod, just wedge it in the seat. Not as good, but works.
That’s how I did my Halloween video.

got one bro not bad
keep it up soon you
have more sounds
like you shud get a
video up in hear lol.

Got to love the first good scare. I remeber mine like it was yesterday poor african american lady who was carrying her gorcerys that day was just not heres.

haha nice, when trains sit their you can usually get people good