Got pulled over- got qestions

Not for horns surprisingly… lol

My truck was making a loud oven noise, so i was taking back roads home, not gunning it or anything.

It was my ujoint and all of a sudden i see lights.

He asked me, what are you doing driving so slow in this area.?
I said officer im just trying to get home, my truck is making a terrible noise.
He said i was driving suspiciously… ( its not like i was driving a ricer 1990 honda civic full of mexicans)

Then he askes me about my mufflers, which i dont have. lol
I said i dont know why its so loud and played it dumb.

He looks underneath my truck right where my big ole K5 is and comes back saying i dont see any mufflers.

he gives me a written warning and I have to take it in for insepction in 10 days. my mechanic is just bolting a muffler on and then when i get home i am unbolting.

ok so my question is:
if i go to the inspection place with my horns and they see them can they hit me for anything??

in most areas horns are not illegal to have, but are illegal to blow… If it were me, i would probably be on the safe side tho and cover them up with a tire cover , to make them disappear or even if they arent too hard to take down, remove and reinstall …

Blow them while they look under to see if you have a muffler… and Profit… :smiley:

second that…lmao!!

With DV recorder in hand … or mount it somewhere while you do it.

If they ask, you’re making a documentary.

Move to a state where they don’t do inspections, I’d be pissed if I had to have my car inspected all the time lol I’ve been riding with a CEL for my O2 sensor for awhile now and from what I’ve heard that’d fail most of those state inspections lol

ha i would love to blow em while they are under there!

@hondaguy im only getting inspected cause i got a fix it ticket for no muffler, otherwise i never got inspected.

It was funny as i was on side of road ever other truck was revving it past cop and i was laughing and cop was shakin his head :smiley:

That sucks…
“Did you pull me over for noise? Or did you pull me over because I was suspicious? Which is it?”

I’ve been taking that same way home for 2.5 years and no problems but w.e

Next time ask him if he wants to hear something cool…he has a choice to make and may get a kick out of it :wink:


I’ve had this done to me in the past, and called him on it. I took my boys shooting out in BLM land a couple years back and I had a county sheriff pull me over for “entering the main road too quickly” because there was a lot of dust. Of course he sees all the rifles in the bed of the truck (in rifle bags) with ammo cans (mil surplus) and I immediately tell him that I am transporting personal weapons and I don’t have any in the cab of the truck. He got nasty with me so I told him, “Since you don’t know what you pulled over for, I want your WC (watch commander) out here ASAP.” He came out and was really nice, apologized, and we talked guns for about 20 minutes. Being prior military and the government ID for working in Iraq helped, too.

Not all of them are asshats, but I’ve found the asshats will back down once they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Hey Bryan-
Do you think this has anything to do with the other harassment and that guy following you?

never thought of that lol, but no clue, just gonna put on a muffler and get my poop inspected. :frowning: :frowning:

ok my mechanic is like gimme that dam ticket and calls a buddy and says i need this exhaust ticket signed and done lol

im still puttin on some kind of muffler so i dont get stopped again.

Cherrybomb extreme! I love mine… Its the closest thing to no muffler. There is no restriction, and you get that cherrybomb sound! Summiut has them for like $55

I agree, Cherry Bomb and Magnaflow have great sounding mufflers.

my mechanic bolted a cherry bomb on, little quiter, not much but atleast something is on :smiley: