got the big thumbs up!!

working & traveling on us17 south of palatka going to crescent city yesterday came across a southbound freight train could hear him about 3/4 mile ahaead of me so I raced to catch up with him as he was signaling his approach at all the crossings,caught up with him as he was blasting the horns & I gave him an exact blast as his which caught his attention, he looked towards the road & gave me a big thumbs up rolling along at about 60+ on the rails! :cool::smiley:

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine! Cool:D

Thats so tight, I’ve been trying to find a train to battle with here, almost got one…but the trains only run less then twice a day on the tracks around here:(

My dad was driving on the interstate parallel to train tracks, and he said one time their was a train right next to him and he had his music up really loud so he didnt notice it until… Long story short, the train blew its horn and scared the bejesus out of my dad hahahahaha

pmsl…(Tipster, have ya got ya horns going again yet fella?)