Got the boss & gate station attack!

[b]worked with my boss lady this morning.warned her ahead of time but she spaced it out, came over to my truck to say she was leaving for another appt & I gave it a reall good pull,she jumped and grabbed her ears & exclaimed " now I know why you can get a 76.50 ticket with that horn"LOL told thanks for being a sport!:smiley:

went by my buddies gate station to show him my set up.I was parked at the pumps and had 2 packies in a corrolla parked at the pump behind me, thay weren’t paying attention as I showed dave & gave him a demonstration. 1 long pull , full strength. the packie in the car yelled something and grabbed his ears the other one jumped clean clear of his car letting loose of the gas nozzle as I drove away laughing and dave had a big smile on his face!:D[/b]

nice =)

wtf… yo u need a translator…
wtf does packie mean…
gate station suppose to be gas station?
i dunno u guys use some different words down there

his translator is broken

well he needs to fix it…lol

scaredu , sorry have to translate for you yanks. packies are middle easterners (like pakistanies) gate is a brand name gas station change in the ne part of fla. comprende??:slight_smile:

ahh… asi asi… gracious!

lol I didn’t know what a packie was either. but now I do thanks

[b]didn’t want to be accused of being unkind to our middleastern newcomers. yeah right. not me… :eek::what’s that smell? ode camel??:DB]

They just don’t understand us Floridians.

or you all are just weird lol. jp :smiley:


oh hell no not this coming from a ridge runner!!:eek:

whooooooooooooooo whooooooooooooooo it could be a crackhead

i think i see him in the tree!

i will never consider myself a Floridian, i was born in PA and lived there for 9 years and FL for 10 (hated every moment of it). Im moving to Tennessee or around there as soon as i get my AA degree.

don’t let the door slap the donkey on the way out.point it north of I-95 and keep on keepin on!:smiley:

where at in PA?