Got the Duel 480's set up today.

Man these things are fast. 10 minutes from 0 to 200, around 3 minutes to recover. No remote filters yet, Me and the good guys at TOP trucks built a bracket for them and look fantastic. right side up also. Will get pictures ASAP.

thats awesome… i have dual 480s on my 12gallon tank… i want to get an EDC… and add a 30gal tank

What about one of those fancy oasis ones? Also I think here sometime in the future i am going to get a york compressor. or get the one off our old dump truck.

oasis are aight… but not as good as an EDC… my buddy has an edc fills his 8gallon tank up in like 8seconds…

Oasis are okay…but i must confess that my new edc that im getting is gonna be the shiznit…pushing out 9.3cfm at 3000rpms thats really good…will be able to fill my dual 30 gallon air tanks in less than 6 minutes…