Graham White E-Bell Paint?

Anyone have any way of stripping the paint on a Graham White E-Bell I got? I would like it to be red, and it also has several layers of paint that I wish to get rid of. Graham white didn’t really know what to do and neither did I. Someone in another thread to use Easy-Off oven cleaner to remove the paint, but I do not think that will work. My dad painted a dirt trailer with black locomotive paint about 15 years ago and there is not a single chip or peel in the paint after being soaked in diesel, gasoline, karosene, paint stripper, oil, and huge rocks. Also, what kind of paint should I use. Once it is stripped I plan to prime it and use either black or red paint. Enamel? Locomotive? Barge Paint? Which would be best. I would really appreciate y’all’s feedback.