Graham White push handle/ other ideas

So ill just start the thread. I think that Shocker symbol handle would be cool. I made something up real quick tonight. Basically to have a push GW you have to reverse that tab.

Not finished yet but general idea here. Not going for an authentic look either.

So imagine your graham white and how the handle is just about horizontal when the valve is closed. When you pull the handle to honk your horns the handle goes up lets say 25 degrees. With this push handle the positions would be flipped. Horizontal would be open, 25 degrees up would be closed. Does this make sense?

Makes sense but you’ll have to make sure the weight of the handle won’t cause the valve to start leaking. Keen to see how you take the idea from Solidworks to reality.

I hadn’t thought much about a push handle/peddle, but more along the lines of custom pull handles. I would just waterjet it out of 3/8" or 1/2" aluminum plate.

Have you seen the Graham Whites with the vertical handles?

Yah I’ve seen very few. I like your idea of the shocker symbol as a handle. I want to see if I can whip something with that. Plus I think it would be more worth while to make stuff like that than the push handle.

You could water jet it but I like the idea of machining for a more complete look.

Right. Machining would be better for defining the fingers.

I’ve one of the GW knock off valves with a pull handle.

I’m wondering why we couldn’t use that handle as a template (since they are prone to break) with the real GW valves. This would simplify a lot of the work needed for a pedal style valve.


Not sure I follow what your on to.

Okay let me try getting the picture in my head into a good description. I’m really bad with this 90% of the time.

The handle is inline (parallel) with the valve, right? Since this is a pull handle, why not flip over the valve when you mount it, replace the handle with a foot lever, and now we have a foot activated valve you just push with a toe … or the whole foot.

That’s kind of where this conversation started in another thread - to make a push style pedal instead of a pull style. Just flip the geometry

The other thread starts at post #14

I would assume the handles are interchangeable between the genuine & clone valves.