Grover 1510 Stuttertone install?

I picked up a pair of Grover 1510 stuttertone’s that I want to install on an 02 F250. My question is, what would be a good compressor / tank combo to use? I saw the viair with the compressor mounted to the tank, but I think it might be too big to frame mount. I want to try to mount everything to the frame rail. Also, what else do I need. I just have the 2 horns. Also, I know the correct psi to run these is 110-115.


Would something like this work? If so, then what else would I need to complete it.

or this one, but I think it might be too big for a frame rail mount.

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In the first link you might be rolling the dice with the quality/brand name. It also says it’s a 150psi compressor, but I didn’t see an actual pressure switch. Maybe I missed it.

The second link is a good brand from a good company with a 120psi pressure switch.

I’m not familiar with the stuttertones. Do they have a valve on them? Any wires? If not, you will need a solenoid valve.

I don’t believe they have a valve on them. The Grover 1510’s are the horns that come off the fire trucks.

ok, so looks like if I’m going to mount this under the truck, maybe the compressor/tank combo’s mounted together isnt the way to go.

I found these 3, which look like they should be better fitted for how I want to mount them. My question is does it matter what pressure switch it has? One says 90/120, the other says 200 & the third says 110/150psi.

I want the air going to the horns to be 110-115psi.

Here’s what the guy at hornblasters told me I would need:
1/2 airline (Distance from the tank to the valve)
1/4 to 1/2 air line fitting
1/4 valve
1/4 run tee
2 - 1/4 to 1/4 compression fittings
1/4 Air line (distance from valve to each horn)

Ha ha I got a firetruck to honk back at me yesterday…

The parts list looks good for plumbing to the horns.
It looks like the closest pressure switch (from Hornblasters) is 120psi.
You can also run higher pressure in your tank and use a regulator.

You might take some measurements and determine what size tank will fit.
Then when looking at kits, pay attention to the dimensions of the tank.

The kits you listed vary quite a bit. I noticed the seemingly ‘biggest’ kit is the cheapest…if that tells you anything about quality.

Quick question, If I’m running 2 horns, one on each side of the frame rail of the truck, should I use 1 solenoid or 2? I guess if I go 1, I would have to mount it somewhere in the middle of the truck, so it’s equal length from each horn. Or, if I do 2, then I would mount one behind each horn and just split the power wire to activate them.

By the way, I went with the Viair 10003 kit from hornblasters for my air delivery system.

Another question, Does like Lowe’s or Home Depot sell the fittings? I know the air line and solenoid valve I can get from hornblasters.

Stick with ptc - (push to connect fittings) , Which you can get from HB.
You can put your horns where ever you want , but like said the valve has to be same distance apart… But instead of trying to get in directly in middle of truck just cut 2 lengths of hose the same and put the valve anywhere. Also you a pressure regulator to tone down the psi. That way you can have more air reserve but still the correct psi rating for horn w/o stressing the diaphragms.

I actually ordered 2 valves from HB on Monday. This way I can put them pretty much directly behind the horn. I’d rather run power wire than air line all over the place. And yes, I’ve already planned on getting a pressure regulator so I can turn down the air pressure coming out of the tank. I think you can pick up a cheap one for like $10-15 at lowes or home depot. I’ve been playing with the horns in the garage, and 110-120 is perfect. I heard some videos on youtube blowing 120+ and they sound terrible. More air pressure is not always better in this case.