Grover 1510s to the rescue!

On Monday the 11th I was pulling my cargo trailer and I had to pull into the gas station to get diesel for my rig since I was running on fumes. On one side of the street there is a school and on the other side is the gas station, McDonald’s, and a set of frequently used railroad tracks. All of the soccer mom’s were pulling into the turn lane which is shared by both directions of traffic. The only problem is the soccer mom’s were turning into the lane anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4 mile before the spot where they would make their left hand turn. As I’m pulling into the turn lane the legal distance from turning into the gas station a soccer mom talking on her cell phone pulls in right in front of me :eek: and is completely oblivious of 35’ of truck in front of her (everyone is driving at 15 mph due to the school zone) I give her 2 3-5 second bursts from my Grover’s and she slams on her brakes, never looks in front of her, but looks all around behind her still completely oblivious to the truck she was about to drive into. :rolleyes: While she’s looking around I casually pull into the gas station to fill up.

The look on her face was PRICELESS!! :D:D She had no idea where the sound was coming from; especially since there were at least 4 other semi’s within 200’.

I would have liked to share my K5LA with her but there were too many kids running around without hearing protection.

Haha classic!

Good one! Being near railroad tracks may have confused her about the source.

Doesnt take much to confuse a woman!

haha jk

Grovers also scare the hell out of people specially around here where everyone has gone toward those cheap tiny plastic horns. Me? Its gotta be shockers or grovers! Love it! :smiley: