New here, have a quick question if i buy a standard grover air horn, can i but the Stutter tone internals in it? Or would it be best to just buy a StutterTone?


Buy the stutter horn.

By the time you try and find all the internals, and tune it right , it may not even sound exact to the stutters…

Im thinking of putting a set of stutters on my truck also. once in a while they pop up on ebay cheap…

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Update, recently bought a set of these horns on ebay, and i’m wondering what size soleniod i should be buying? 1/4, 3/8, or 1/2. Its gonna be fed off a 8 gallon air tank fed by dual viair 480’s. Also can i feed both horns off the same solenoid or should i go and get two?


Use the largest valve that matches the ports on the horns, larger if you want run both horns from 1 valve.