guy taking a pee!

today i was getting out of walmart and then i went to put some gas on the car haaha and in the way i saw a car park in the right side of the stree and the passager door opens and i saw this guy taking a pee well i honk my horn and the jump so F**CkING high and he scream at me all the bad words you can imagine!!! i think he won’t do pee in the steet never again lol

haha thats great

haha u gettin some good scares there…lol

haha good one!

i just put my video camera on the car you know so i can get all this stuff LOL

Next time please record it on your camera. It would be funny to see a guy pee all over himself…lol

hahahah for sure lol

i got myself once takin a pee,i hit my panic button in my pocket when i was holding my pants …in the end i pee’d on myself


it sucked lol

Hahahahahha really? Ahahaha

yea when the horns went off i was standing in front of the truck and then black four horns were in my grill,i flinched and pulled my manhood to me,i was mad but lol too

lmao self-ownage…nothing better

it happens lol

and man enough to admit it

i has teh big ones


i wouldn’t tell anybody that story Hatch…

u see the difference between me and u is …i dont give a poop what anyone thinks of enjoy telling stories of things that has happend to me,its no big deal haha

back in my younger years we had been drinking & needed to get more beer so we all piled in the guys truck in the back,at some point I had to piss so I stood up at the rear of the bed with the wind at my back and let loose,with 60mph winds it dispursed like fuel in a carbeurator everywhere, but mostly on me,boy did I catch hell over that one !:smiley: