h/b sticker problem solved!

[b]remember I had that space empty on my air tank, well the fix arrived yesterday.



ahh that much better!! :smiley: :cool:

Nice :wink:

haha… its perfect!

looks great you need a huge one to cover the hood of your truck =D

NAH, that’s too over the top! :smiley:

might consider a h/b body glove if matt wants to pay my truck payment for advertising! lol:D

Its all crooked! lol

nahh its off center =)

and clean up the shed…lol jk

your door is ajar…

both doors!

BOY this is a tuff crowd!:eek:

they are post whores… lmao

of course were post whores (post 186)

speak for ur self… im no post whore… . . . … . .LOL!! couldnt keep a str8 face wit that one

and as you see i’m replying to every post your posting to =P

as i am replying to urs…LOL!!

as i’m replying to urs =)