had fun with the shockers

so I decided to hook them up again even if I’m risking them getting confiscated. but atleast I had fun. :smiley:

so we had another car club meet up, it’s a car audio club so they all have their systems playing loud, real loud.

some of my friends there wanted to hear the new horns after seeing the pics on our forum.

we walked to the far part of the parking space (open area) where I was parked. first honked the stock horn. then the semi horn. and they were like “that’s loud!!!” and when they were least expecting it, I gave the shockers a 1 second blast.

I triggered the alarm of a car about 20ft away, made everyone jump, about 50ft from us was a group all were looking at us like “WTF was that!?!?!” and turned their loud stereo off.

went back to the open bar about 200ft away where the rest of the group was staying and even while the loud cars were playing the shockers went right through and everyone heard it. same “WTF was that” comments :cool:

did that again after an hour or so and again a little later when some had already left and other members arrived and the reaction was all the same.

when I was going home and passed by the open bar, everyone was telling me to honk my horn. I gave a couple short blasts and everyone, I mean everyone jumped. :smiley:

got a little crazy honking at the highway and some streets so now I’m expecting a call from the police or traffic management, my registration suspended or something like that soon. :rolleyes:

:stuck_out_tongue: thats just funny
bro shockers are
just to dam fun
and sum times
you cant stop your
self from pushing
the button lol.

Nice man!

had load of fun when we went to the province for some airsofting. :smiley:

my brother was riding with me and my cousin and uncle on another vehicle behind us.

lots of scares and honking on the open highway. unfortunately, no vids. we forgot the camera. :frowning: