Had surgery...

I had surgery last month so I cant drive or do much, so I guess I will tell you all my dads horn stories from when he borrowed my truck. He borrowed my truck one time and drove under the freeway over pass and held the button down for a good few seconds and a couple of cars that were pulling into the intersection slammed on their brakes. No one knew where it came from. :smiley: The next one is when my dad went to the local grocery store and he sounded the shockers off with bother automatic doors all the way open and some lady yelled “WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?” One of the cashiers knew it was my dad but didn’t say anything. Everyone inside the store jumped and screamed. recently I just had a relay go out on me so I had him remove both fuses from my compressors due to one not turning off when the truck is turned off. Oh well. when I get all healed up I’m gonna install some new relays on my compressors and keep on horning. figured I’d stop by and let you guys know whats up. :smiley:

Well at least somebody was having fun with your horns!

Hope you get well soon.

Speedy recovery repeatman.
Tell your dad he’s going to have to join the forum if he keeps those shenanigans up :wink:

Thanks! :smiley:

yeah I just might give him my set of Shockers when I plan to upgrade :smiley: My moms Lexus LS400 can use some horns. :wink:

Thanks Ear! :smiley:

Haha that’s great!

Hey matey, get better soon dude!! I’m actually surprised you aint rigged up a set of Horns on a wheel chair or some crazy sh*t like that lol lol:D

My Dad and I talked about doing that! :smiley: Except I want to use a set of Nathan Air chime K5’s and call it “Am Wheelchair”. We are looking around on Cregslist for an electric wheelchair so we can do this. :smiley:

Really nice story. I think every truck driver has its own unique and amazing story.

yes indeed sir. :smiley: