Haha Its been done!

I just got back from scarin the crap outta the weather lady doin the weather live outside on city line avenue in philadelphia… im gonna try and get the video off my DVR… When i do Ill post it up… haha! This wont be the last time I do it either…lol

Will they allow us to send you gifts in jail?

Be careful !

jail for what? its not an offense to send someone to jail over…

i know all the tickets i can get, and its pretty hefty, but cant send me to jail…

and its not like ima do it every day…its a fuckin hr drive to get there…lol so once in awhile when their not expecting it…lol :smiley:

Now now do we have to use that language??

i wasnt in a serious mood… just sayin its and hr drive to go scare the news people… were all grown ups here…

but anyways heres the video

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bahaahaha! thats so awesome! props to you man! how did you manage to do that?

i did this at a books a million here at when they had the last harry potter book come out the local news crew was there live i was on the phone with my wife she told me when they were on even thought they were filming inside it sared the shit out of a cashier i didnt get it recorded though

Good goin’ ya’ horny bastard!

Did u see the weather lady?!? Shes hot!! haha!

I cant wait til I get a PA system, ima do it again and before i blow the horns im yell, Im HORNY!! and BLAST… then say HORNBLASTERS.COM!! and blast some more…

let me know

ill come with ya

we can do it scared… your only 3 hrs away… haha…i got a pa… we r set… just need a set of k5s … haha and a button to sound both sets…

haha awesome!! im down with it…

good job!!!

That has to be one of the best used of train horns to date.

in a week or two im going to go scare my news guy… they do it in a parking lot behind the building kinda in the “backyard” so ill make sure i give a good blast and a hornblasters.com shout out… :rolleyes:

dont forget to record it and post the video!

im not gonna record it… it will be recorded live… so ill just go on the website and take it off there and post it… how did u get yours? off the tv or what?

AAHHHHH HAHAHAHA surprised her enough to make her head jerk that 2nd time then she tried to play it off…

well i meant like DVR it… thats what i did… had it recorded on my tv live while it happened…

the video is awesome! lol thats so funny that you did that… too bad your car wasnt on the screen

That is bad donkey.