Haldley Bad Boy - Loud city horn??

Hey guys just completed an install of a horn and compressor set up and everything came out great, with a lot of input from hornblasters. My next question is that my horns sound like a loud city horn, still great but not the throaty big rig sound I was going for. What part of the puzzle is missing?

I have a viair 273c compressor with a 2 gallon tank that goes through to a Hadley bad boy set of horns. I called Hadley and spoke to a guy over the phone who seemed to think thatch was either that one horn wasn’t working or that my diaframs were dirty and since the horn was pre owned I though it could be possible. Took it apart just now and they really aren’t that dirty at all. There was a little tilt crud on them that came off with a rag and some wd40. So I reinstalled them and tested, exact same sound.
I asked Larry at Haldey if it could be a flow issue and he said no and verified that my pressure was high enough which I assured him was 120 psi. The air line going into the horn is 3/8" with a ninety at the horn base. Any input? Let me know if you need any other kind of info.

Got a video?
Consider a set of shockers - you won’t look back.

Not sure how a video would help. I think there is a better solution than that. Thanks

Videos and pics help us feed our never ending lust for horns.
But seriously, maybe someone can help by hearing the tone or seeing the air setup.

Not that the 90deg elbow is killing your system, but every elbow does reduce flow.

Hmm… OK, we’ll try it the other way around. Have a look at this and then tell us if this sounds familiar


All we’re trying to do was to get some kind of comparison happening. It’s a bit hard when you don’t have a recording.

I agree with DBO, if we can hear the Horns, we can tell by the tone. it could also be that your not going to get the same low tones as some of the Horns on here.
Get a set of Shockers FTW.:smiley: