Halloween 2014

Well, its that time of year again. There is so much haunted houses going on. I’m gonna have to go and honk at them all. :slight_smile: Anybody else thinking the same?

I’d have 2nd thoughts about scaring tiny monsters with their parents close by.

To many cops out during halloween.

I might be seen out and about on fright night!:smiley:

I have no intent to be seen on Halloween, but I will definitely be heard. :cool:

I’ll be working, dealing with the drunk college kids again. :o

I drove my sisters friends home, they were smashed. Made $35.00 for being the Designated Driver. Didn’t do any hornblasting since it was pouring rain. :mad:

I only let the horns off a few times on the way home from work, however I used the 100w HORNBLASTERS P.A loads - a deep toned “evil chuckle” was my favourite!!!:cool: