HAPPY BLOODY BIRTHDAY Mr.Twist!!!! (old chap)

Hippy Bathday Twisty!:slight_smile:

Happy birthday brotha!!!

Happy birthday twist!

And happy birthday Tippmannphreak! Even though it was your 18th birthday, no one gives a f**k!

HA J/P. But I really did turn 18 July 11th

hope you had a good birthday tripster!!! I give a f**k!!!:slight_smile:

HA thanks stinky!!

Happy belated birthday tippman and happy birthday twist.

Thanks guys. it was fun.

got drunk?

Nope, went to a car show in the am. Concourse de elegance FTW. then went to applebees for lunch, watched scarface bc ive never seen that movie fully. and just hung out. My sister made me a bad ass cake. I have pictures, Ill try and post it whenever I get it from her lol

lol i love scarface thats one of my favorite movies

Happy Birthday Guys! Sorry for the lateness.

Guys lol? It was only my birthday yesterday man, but i saw in another thread you were a little tipsy so its all good. PARTY ON! lol