Happy Halloween From Hornblasters.com

Don’t let those little gouls, ghosts, & goblins frighten you, honk at em!

I wish I had my K5LA hooked up… I’d sit in the truck all night and blast the little bastards…

Exactly what I will be doing :). My buddy is gonna setup this long black tent in his backyard, and Im gonna have my car about 10ft from the tent in the very back of his yard hidden behind black curtains. Those little kids will never see it coming :cool:. And thank you HornBlasters Happy Halloween to you guys as well.

found my costume!

Cool costume! Are you goosing Wonder Women…lol?

I wish I had all 4 horns back :(. Guess my brothers will have to do. :slight_smile:

No i’m not GOOSING as wonder woman… thought i would save that one for you.

Suck it up BOY!

I totally read that wrong… I read:

sorry i had to do it lmao

yea your a jerk lol. wait till u crush your horns. Karma is a B**ch

lol i know man i do feel bad for ya! =P thats what ya get for scareing so many people lol

trust me i’ve had my share of accidents

sucks twist…shoulda got ur horns insured…lol

lol I would have still paid it up front. not going with insurance bc since im 19 it would go up WAY too much. I end up saving a grand or so in the long run.

my master piece

uhhh that’s tight… props man, its unique

Did everyone have a Happy Halloween?

yea… Got my Brothers horn in. lol He is happy about it

i had to work… my halloween sucked