Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a glorious thanksgiving! !
Great food, friends and family, football, and best buy black friday scare-a-thon!!

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yesss you to, to bad i aint got my horns on or black friday would have been a blast!

You too guys, gobble gobble.

My valve stuck open a couple times yesterday.
Not sure if I wanna go look like a dumbazzzz tomorrow…lol

haha i remember when that happened to me!! not cool at all when ur truck is fully bagged as well.

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I would throw some antifreeze in there, but it’s 28 degrees outside.
It won’t even have a chance to thaw the valve and mix with the water.:mad:

Happy Thanksgiving from the new guy.
I haven’t heard that train pass by all day, I suppose those conductors get the holiday off as well. I’m sure tommorow he will be blasting away like usual on the hour on time

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Happy holidays to all.

About the antifreeze… will that hurt the washers or seals at all? Would i just put some in tank?

I was just going to buy some airline antifreeze.
Something like what’s pictured in this thread:

I haven’t found anything that says it will eat seals, etc…

only use airline antifreeze… wont hurt nothing… but dont go buying regular antifreeze lol