Hate Tailgaters!

I hate it when people love to ride my donkey on the road! I am so glad I mounted the k5la facing outwards!
Had some ******* ride my bumper last nite coming home, so I layed on the horn and he sure enough backed off really quick!
Then we get up the light, im in left lane and hes next to me and were both turning… I’m in my avalanche and hes in is late accord…
Light turns green and we both take off… Well my avalanche smokes him! because the 2 lanes merged into one, so now hes riding my bumper again! I blast the horn and he justs continues to tailgate! So this is why I love a bagged truck… I hit 1 switch, my little seasaw switch… Front goes up, back goes down, and now I throw a poop load of sparks on his car!..Believe me, he didnt tailgate anymore after that!
Sorry just had to vent…

I hate that too. That’s why I thought about ordering one of those smoke screen kits if they work well. I bet a mouth full of smoke would make them back off!

haha that’s hilarious. I gotta tell Rigo about this one. Good post man.

owned…tailgaters suck…

I love how you have so many custom methods of losing a tailgater hahaha

That is why I’m going to be hanging a big adjustable drop hitch off my truck, if they rear end me it will go right through their radiator/grill/hood and my truck will hopefully be fine except maybe a scratch or two on the bumper.

ill be addin flame throwers eventually…lol

haha he should have got the hint the first two times… serves him right… i wish someone caught this on video too lol… you do some pretty funny things… do you have a youtube account with any funny things? pm me if you do lol

Nice! I knew a guy who installed aircraft landing lights on his rear bumper…:eek::cool:

Rock on, Death to tailgaters.


i have 4 sets of hid lights i might flush mount in my tailgate now


i say about 100w of light per lamp (most headlights are 55w highs are 65w)
or say as much as my 25millon cd spot in my room per light
i think it will make them hit the wall (10 points)

Matt needs to build “the shitter”… a poo-throwing mechanism that throws a man-made bag of foul smelling goo at the vehicle behind you.

-Hey, its a whole new way to market “liquid a$$”

I have my own way of dealing with tailgaters :wink:


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I wish I could mount a macine gun back there and one on the hood for @#$%^&* drivers.

Of course, none of us would never tailgate or slug in traffic, right…lol.