Have A System Post It Here!!!

Lets get this going…

Currently have a SoundStream 8’’ Touchscreen and Soundstream Tarantula tweets 2 sets more coming soon…recently had 2 15’’ Kicker L7s on a Hifonics Brutus 2608…no vid of them tho it was only in the truck a day(pull my systems out in the winter) these subs on that amp are BEASTIN…too much for a blazer so i sold the amp a 1 of the L7s

here was my first system…sometime back in august maybe??dont really remember…i was hard on that one it was actually on its death rattle then…lol

1 12’’ Kicker CVX on a Kicker ZX750.1 Amp

I just sold mine to buy a gun but I had 1 L7 15 and a KX850.2 amp. Used to have that X2 in my Xterra but had to sell one when I got my Honda. I’ll post pics later.

here’s mine.

two 1DIN headunits, one for music and another for vids. the one used for music is modified to have Hi-volt preouts for cleaner sound. (built in line driver)

Behringer DCX2496 processor behind sub box

back of the car

solid hardwood tweeter pods

alpine 9883 CDA headunit

Hifonics 1206D mono amp

Alpine type R 12s

as it is now

How’s your AC light on with the system off? Mine turns off when I turn the AC/heat system off.

The system was on. car was on


Alpine Headunit, 2 12" Alpine Type-E, MRP-M450 Alpine mono amp

got a new batt. :smiley:

Stinger ftw… Optima ftl lol


SPV69 got plenty of power. now I can upgrade my compressor. :smiley:

I love the alpine subs. My dad has two 12 type r’s and man they hit hard!

Two1Nine I friggin’ love your front seats, they look so sick without the headrests!

WOW djQUAN its nice to finally see someone with a good taste in subs. Those are sweet.

I used to have 6 12" L7 Kickers in my jeep with 4 JBL Amps, but i sold them for a wedding ring for the wife…STUPID ME!!!

04 Impala SS
200A Alt.
Optima YT front
Kinetik HC2000 trunk
Pioneer 800PRS H/U
Focal 165KRX2 front speakers
Digital Designs DDs4 running the Focals
TC Sounds 15" LMS Ultra subwoofer
JBL BPX 2200.1 running the sub
All 0awg wire

The following system has been competition tested…Last year even with a dead processor and a half working source (due to the processor blow out), I still managed 4th place in IASCA Pro-Am World Finals. It would have been a 1st otherwise (not that I dwell on things):

^My last iteration used a Pioneer Carrozzeria P-01 (JDM) and an Audison Bit One

The next iteration will not be competition oriented BUT it will be able to walk in and take 1st place at anytime.

^My First attempt (fairly successful I might add) at pillar mounting. GREAT height and imaging. Pillar to pillar width. I can do better…

^CnC’d distro block. As long as I use three or less amps I’m set! My current iteration will continue my three amplifier “tradition”. This time I’m experimenting with vertical tri-amping. I’ve always done horizontal amplification…but 'tis the time for breaking with the norm. Fun times! Great learning right there.

^I’m really proud of how these tweeter mounts came out. I’ve moved on from this speaker manufacturer but I’ll be using the same mounts for the next ones (to be installed over the summer).

^The next adaptation of pillars. These are ready to house a 4" midrange. I’ll be changing that up soon, yet still using the same mounting locations. They’ve proven to be spectacular for imaging and height. The tweeters in the sail panels will stretch the stage wider.

^I know! I’ve changed the tank out and everything is placed better. The big surfboards (amps) were under the metal mesh on the “floor” of the trunk illuminated with LEDs. In the next iteration it’ll be a 5 gallon tank with two 400c compressors and on the back wall will be three class D amps, two full range and one woofer amplifier. I’ll also be running a new processor off a new source. Apparently I’m being used to “beta test” the programming and features of this new processor from an un-named company (for right now).

^My first attempt at a competition system…

^Old setup before the trunk panel sides were installed. I still have that ML3800 around collecting dust.

^2011 Western Canadian IASCA championships (1st place IASCA SQc/2nd place USACi ModSQ)

I feel like I need to note that I did all the fiberglassing, all the fitting, placing and layout of this entire system. I needed help with the security system, which has some cool features to include the train horn integration, and the suspension work which was done by my brother in law. The friend who did the security on this car is the owner of a sound shop in Vancouver, WA. He’s a good friend that I’ve known for a dozen years. I refused to pull the standard line on equipment. I used an “off brand” of amplifiers for SQ purposes. You should have heard the outcry from my own competition team when I didn’t use the “approved” manufacturers. Those morons wanted me to use JL, Zapco or Arc. I proved them wrong on all counts of their supposed logic.