Have horns but Need Compressor!!

I have two sets of Triple horns installed under my rear wheel wells. I need a compressor to push them can anyone help me on a recommendation??? The guy I bought them from was running two very small compressors which crapped out on him. I would like to just run one compressor if possible but also want to be effective. I’m new here and appreciate any advice you could give me!

Welcome to the forum! Go with Oasis or an EDC (engine driven compressor). The Oasis compressors are listed at the bottom of Hornblaster’s “Constant Duty Air Compressor” page. They fill 5 gallons from 0 to 150 PSI in 55 seconds and have a life expectancy of 2500 operating hours. Many have gotten that and more with vigilant oil maintenance.

If you can’t swing the cost or don’t need such a large compressor as the Oasis, the Air Zenith OB2 compressors are the next best.

+1 for the Oasis!

Here is my OTT custom Oasis air compressor system. It kicks butt AND pumps lots of air.

I’d actually argue that IF an Oasis compressor is too spendy AND someone’s not willing to sink time into rehabbing a York 210L… the Extreme Outback belt-driven compressors are probably the next best thing. They’re not electric like the AZ OB2’s … and they’re quite affordable and apparently have bracket kits.

MarineOne seems to like his.

Yup, love mine. 0 to 175 psi in about 75 seconds. I’ll be installing another tank soon, might re-use my 5 gallon or go with another 8 to make it 16 gallons total.

Found a local guy that’s good with air systems so I’m gonna chat him up and see if he can help.


No chance you gone point me in the right direction? I’d love to go done that route:D (if it were possible on my truck)

Last 2 compressors on this page: http://www.extremeoutback.com/products/2/Air+Compressors.html

Only you can decide if you want a V-belt or a serpentine belt system. The former is more forgiving when mounting/aligning, but the latter tends to be cleaner with less chance of belt slippage or belt squeal when properly installed.

I recommend picking up the phone and calling them to give them year/make/model of your vehicle to see what they can do for you as far as a kit. They may have a vehicle-based recommendation as to which (v-belt or serp belt) approach you use, as well.


P.S. I’m a serp belt fan, myself – specifically because v-belt slippage is common at higher pressures and I require a 200psi system so I can keep more air in the same space (33% more than at 150 psi, to be specific). Serp belts are far less likely to slip … and if you get a Goodyear Gatorback, I’d be surprised if it ever squeals – even when wet. (Mine … doesn’t.)

When you call, ask for George. Tell him Kris in Boise recommended him since he has all the info.


But, umm, I’m the one who made the suggestion and even provided the link, and my name’s not Chris and I’m not from Boise. :confused:


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I have a York 210 to mount on my 2008 RAM Hemi. I need to order the two 5 gallon air tanks, SS Braided lines, and fittings. The K5LAs came in about two weeks ago. This will replace my whole Shocker set up with a 5 Gallon tank and Viair 480C compressor.