have trouble with install

i was starting to do install. I mounted the compressor under the hood and the tank under truck on frame rail. Where can i get a piece of that stainless steel leader house that goes from compressor to tank , i need like a 7ft piece or what else can i use. Also will this effect how long the tank takes to fill?

if u can find a 7ft piece… is the question

what kind of truck is it? if its a full size u might be able to mount the compressor on the frame rail also

also what kit do you have?

i have a ford f-250 and i have the s4 4 trumpets 2 gallon tank

u can mount the compressor on the frame rail

i could but i live in new york n that poop aint goin to last with winter n summer when i go on the beach with truck goin to rust so figured i would hide it under hood

mount it in the bed of your truck…or in a tool box

mount in the bed.get a bed cover.

Yep in the bed is the safest spot.

What kind of bed are you referring to…lol?

We have longer leader hoses… What is the size of the fitting at the end of the leader hose, or what compressor do you have?

its 1/4in fittings but i need it to be atleast 7ft long so i was thinkin about just using a regular air hose

If the compressor is run long enough, the heat will soften a plastic hose which will balloon and pop over time.

ummm… k

P/N 92809 - 1/4" Male NPT to 1/4" Male NPT - 36 inches overall length…

Ask Matt for a price on this… (And I’ll let him know what his price is)

Two of these and a regular P/N 92793 will put you over 7 feet.

the truck bed!

yea I have to agree with scaredu, BUT its YOUR build and you can do whatever you want

Scaredu, I was being sacastic when I ask what bed…lol.

Oasis has a 36" stainless steel braided hose with 3/8" NPT fittings if you have larger compressor ports.

can never tell wit u sometimes dan…lol