HB Party

Hi Guys,

Hey not this Saturday, but Saturday December 19th any active forum members that wanna come out to the farm, Hornblasters is hosting a welcome back party for SSgt Josh Sherwood who’s coming back from Qatar and is heading to Afghanistan in January. It’ll be a Hornblaster party, bigger then our last party.
It starts at 9:30PM and will go till about midnight.
39440 Pattie RD
Zephyrhills, FL 33540

Taylor Rental is providing the Snow Cone machine and we’ll even have spiked hot cocoa!
It’s all free too!
21+ only strictly enforced and of course we will be filming!

I’ll try to make it over, I’m working till 5pm, so will do my best! :wink:

I like to picture Jesus as wearing a tuxedo T shirt. It says, Im formal, but Im here to party.

wow fail i turn 21, 3 weeks after this party
i might be in tampa for new years :slight_smile:

i’ll be there!!

id love to come but im really far awayy… :frowning:

If I have to… god you know how I hate partying :wink:

I’ll be there! flying in from Detroit :slight_smile: cant wait to get out of this cold weather!

thats awesome man!!!

darn, that’s just too far away for me.

See ya’ Saturday!!!

Just kiddin’… Too close to Christmas to spend anything… Have fun though!

Can I come if I bring my fake I.D???

Ditto for me.
I need one that says I’m 21. That will take me back 19yrs. But look at the girls from last yr. Damn! I think I just got old man drool all over me. LOL
Drink, Blow and Love some for me guys.

man that really blows, cause I could have gone. I have the option of going to gainsville this weekend, and its like 80 miles from yall.

: /

If I didn’t have to be at the bar this weekend, I would be all over this party and show y’all how we do it in Tally!!! lol Really wish I could come

oh my goddddd. im so close actually
im in north carolina tonight. tomorrow im flying to fort lauderdale, FL because my mom and i are taking off on a cruise. we’re spending the night in lauderdale saturday, taking off on the boat sunday at the port. bwahhhh, we even stop in tampa bay on flight because its not a direct.

How cool!!! you should pop in and say hi to the boys!:smiley:

yea i dunno. that’d be cool haha. in lauderdale id be about a 3.5 hour drive away… and my mom and i aren’t renting a car…arghh!

3.5hrs… jeeeeez thats a trek!!! maybe not then!!!

i’d love to jump on a plane & come over, but its a 20hr flight for me!!!:frowning:

If i drive all night. I think i can make it. lol