HB vs Lamphus vs Wolo vs Whelen PA systems?

Has anyone here compared these four systems?





I know the Whelen will be more expensive since the horn is sold separately, but I’m curious if it’s worth the added cost over the others?

I like the idea of hiding the unit under the dash using and using a hidden push button for the horn, although, my main goal is to have a LOUD and CLEAR PA system (don’t really need any of the other functions)

The HornBlaster PA is currently out of stock & has been for sometime now :frowning:

The Lamphus PA, if I am not mistaken, is most likely to be made by the same manufacturers as the HB one, they are very similar, apart from the Lamphus has an extra HI LO siren & a different speaker.

I might be tempted to give the one on amazon a try, I like the idea of having the unit out of site. I took my HB one completely apart and mounted all the internals under my console with all the switches repositioned on the centre console. :slight_smile:
(However, my speaker died on mine, so I am now without a PA) :frowning:

Snake Eater, as an old CB’r from many years back who used to bug the snot out of people with the PA system from the Cobra PA system, try this. Buy a Cobra (or any other CB with a PA switch. Don’t bother with the getting an antenna, as you will not be transmitting over CB frequencies) and have a CB tech modify the PA by adding echo to it, then connect a Bullhorn loudspeaker and hide it. If it ain’t loud enough, get a 12 volt stereo amplifier and just hook up one side. The bigger output you get the louder your PA will be. You might even have to get a REALLY big loudspeaker!

I used a bullhorn speaker with the CB radio on my '68 Dodge Charger (I really miss that car) and it was loud enough without an amplifier.

Ooh, that sounds like quite a good idea for me to implement. Pete, I’m looking to sell my speaker (never used) because I’m gonna have a substantial upgrade, are you interested?