HB4H Guide (Need One)

I’ve been a proud shocker owner for quite a while and have been very pleased, however the time has come for stuff to start breaking and wearing to the point of loss in performance. My new quest is to find someone hornblasters who could put together a guide for maintenance on the entire Shocker system!

Here’a a few ideas of what I would like to see.

Cleaning, Tuning, Properly Sealing each horn…How? What to avoid? Dos/Donts" Etc.

Viair Compressor Repair/Maintenance

Signs of certain problems to help people diagnosing issues. EX: Air leaking through your compressor is a sign of a faulty check valve.

Solenoid Valve Maintenance

I would say I could almost make one of these guides however i know there’s a lot smarter people out there when it comes to these horns. I just bought an 08 F150 and I’m excited to install this kit 100% CORRECTLY AND PROFESSIONALLY as possible. Help me out guys!

If I’m not mistaken, Shockers have a lifetime warranty. just send them your old horns to get it fixed.

Yea call up hornblasters… they will help you out. I sent one of mine in with a note after I called them and they replaced it. Cant stress how good there Customer service is.