HB4H install on my 06 Silverado!!

Well ive finally found the time to sit down and show off my ride and the mods on it! Here she is!!

Mod list (I know i’m going to forget something, lol)

Billet grill
Eurodezigns Bulbs 6000k
Mr/ taillight high / low / fog mod (keeps all 3 sets on at once)
Wait4me 93 octane pcm tune
K&n FIPK intake
HB4H -4 horn set, 3 gal airtank, viar 380 compressor , hose reel w/ 50ft hose
White face SS style gauges
MTX amp & 10" sub to match in custom built box
Flowmaster dual super 40 american thunder series exhaust.
Corvette style dual outlet tips coming out at the corners
EZ-down tailgate damper
Husky floor mats
Fire&ice light bar
Receiver hook
Bull balls (haha, definately a mod that adds power)
bowtie light covers, custom painted to match
Extang Full tilt tonneau cover
Royal purple full syn oil w/ k&n filter

I will be getting new tires in a couple months as too much showing off , launches, makes factory tires wear quick :rolleyes:

Heres a bunch of pictures…

That button is probably one of the best things about this setup… i can drive and have it laying right in my lap for when the victim pulls out in front of me:mad::smiley:
Heres some videos…






Let me know what you think. :cool:


A couple months back i emailed in a bunch of pictures for my truck to be featured on the installs… any idea how i get it up on there?

Very cool setup!

how do u like the wait4me mod?

thats a sweet push button!

The computer tune is awesome. It really woke up the engine. It is supposed to help with gas mileage too, but i cant confirm that cause i cant keep my foot out of it!

The push button is awesome. I stole that idea from another member on a diff. message board… Its made by Pilot , its meant for an engine start button, or any momentary on/off.

Where did you get the clip that holds the button on the dash? Buck has already installed his and mine should be here tom but they didnt come with the clips.

the clips i got on ebay… there made by nite ize (i think thats how it was spelled. ) They are made to hold a c-cell maglight / flashlight but fit perfect for the button.

I originally had the true maglight holder for a c-cell light but it broke, was to hard of plastic. these ones work great.


I couldnt find them on ebay in the c cell size but i found them on the manufacturer site.

Awesome setup man. We lost our webmaster and are in the process of getting a new guy. Once he arrives your pics will be posted. Thanks again for sharing these with us! Push button is sweet. What kind of tune do you have?


very nice but your compressor looks too small for the set up…lol.
hint, hint, hint…lol

Excellent! i was curious on the status of how to get my truck on there… Yea the push button i love.

The compressor is a viar 380. Plenty for filling that 3 gal tank for blasting the horns, or the occasional filling tires… But i would love a dual setup , or even a zenith, or better yet a oasis… hmmm

The tune is a Wait4me 93 tune…

tuned to run 93 octane, and the tow/haul button is now like a “crazy larry button” . Shifts are firmer now and torque management has been lowered so i can use more of the engine now…

before i got the tune i was averaging 12.9 mpg. After the tune i’m averaging 13.4… so i have better performance and am actually getting better mileage.

I just recently had it in for inspection to… NY inspection is just as tuff as california and it passed perfect.

You can check out the tune website @ www.wait4meperformance.com

how did your sticker for you canyou get me the name and #

a guy thats on one of my other forums did it for me but he is currently not making decals anymore unitl his shop is back up and running. He lived in ny , and moved to NJ m and its been over a year since he’s made any decals … he is not even estimating when he will be back up and running.

I actually designed the stickers and he just “vectored” the image and did the decal… you should be able to take any design / picture to a good vinyl shop and they can make you one unique for your truck. good luck

if you have a design i can do my best to “vectorize” it it will usually cost less if you already have that part done

Nice Truck, Now ya gotta lift it!

Thanx, That will be in the future… Unfortunately not near since i have to save for a house. But one thing i will be getting fairly soon is new tires.

Would love a mud terrain tire but as of lately i drive a decent amount of thru ways so i know those arent as great for longevity. Will most likely go with BFG TA KO’s , or goodyear silent armors

Stock tires size is like a 31.8 , so i might even go up to a 33. Either way tho i am looking at $220 - $260 a tire :mad:

but u gotta do what ya gotta do :rolleyes:

“Lifted Cuz Fat Chicks Cant Jump!”

lol , ive seen that sticker on trucks all the time

“No Fat Chicks, Car Will Scrape.” my friend has that on his s2k. dropped like a mo fo