HB4H (S4/H4) Manual Valve

I was wondering what a HB4H kit would sound like with a graham manual valve. If anybody has a vid post it up.

Nobody has done this?

just hook up a 1/2 inch ball valve to your horn and it will sound the same. ive done it and it sounds weird

Hornblasters does offer the Grahm white manual valve that is the same valve that you would find on actual locomotives

i saw it on there so i was just wondering what it would sound like with the s4

Why would you buy such an expensive valve for an inexpensive horn? I’d just go to the hardware store and get a ball valve if you wanna put a manual valve on it. It’ll work just as good for those horns and really any horn. There are some differences though… hence the price difference in the 2 valves.

and dont get a g.w. trust me i have 2. a g.w. and the one seige egineering makes and the S.E. valve is an exact copy of g.w. and it is much sturdier… PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR TALKING ABOUT ANYTHING BUT HORNBLASTERS PRODUCT LINE

so are you saying that the one from seige enginering is better than the graham white valve…

what im saying is its an EXACT copy and on the hinges the one from seige is made a little thicker making it sturdier. i had both in the jeep then i sold the g.w. because in MY opinion the gw didnt feel as sturdy.

And didn’t sell it to me :frowning:

im an idiot man im sorry i completely forgot and sold it locally(i know selling it to you woulda been local too) sorry

To the original question: I’m not really sure. I do know though that a ball valve and a train horn style manual valve will give you a very different feeling. The train horn valve is going to give you better control and it should sound great.

I’m not sure if I agree completely with the pairing an expensive valve with an inexpensive horn. The statement is true, but not everyone is read to install an AirChime or Leslie etc. In which case, the manual valve is going to be the best you can do (although a hassle).

No worries, but since they fell off the face of the planet…

Our own version of a “Graham White” style valve: 1/2in Manual Train Horn Valve

& a link to the classic Graham White 353 itself: Graham White 353 Series Valve

I apologize for posting on such an old thread, but felt like updating it in case someone finds it and goes on a dead end search to find the, now defunct, SE.

A word on seige’’ i got the kong 2 from them back two years ago, i tryed evrything to get them to get louder and nothing!! I drilled out the air ways bigger the air distibution block, ran a 1/2 line at 200 psi and nothing. Then i replaced it with the hornblasters shockers and i was shocked as to how loud them things are!

Heres a video of how it sounds with valve (not my video its 06z71silvy video):slight_smile: