He even put his window down!!!!

Driving with a friend of mine some dumba$$ comes across 3 lanes of traffic on the interstate (im in the center of 3 lanes at 65 mph) to get into the left lane cuts me off with less than 12"between us NO SIGNAL I speed up to get alongside him and hes talking on his phone and starts swirving back into my lane so I give him a toot with the SHOCKERS he swirves back into his lane flipping me off and speeds up to get in front of me, cuts me off again, brake checks me (I had to swerv into the left lane just to avoid hitting him) he then speeds up and gets behind me tailgating at 70mph speed limit 60mph he was only about 6" behind me so I signal and move back to the center lane he gets alongside me ROLLS DOWN HIS WINDOW (35 degrees this morning) and starts yelling at me through my closed window i look over and hes pissed at me signaling me to pull over I look over at him :smiley: wave:D(ok you asked for it) and lay into the SHOCKERS AGAIN (hard this time) needless to say he backed off and continued on HIS merry way I can only imagine how bad his ears were ringing lol oh well his fault my entertainment gotta love the stupid people!! I LOVE MY HORNS!!!:D:D:D:)

:smiley:AWESOME!!!:smiley: We have lots of those people here in NC as well!!

You can include California drivers too :mad:

It’s amazing how many ignore the law and continue to use cell phones while driving. They must not value their life.

Yeah… in Australia it’s been illegal for many years and you cop a hefty fine if they catch you using a phone whilst driving (over $230 on the spot + 3 point loss on your license), yet you still see people on them daily who are either texting or talking.

Man… that’s like a new set of Shocker horns every time you get caught! :rolleyes:

Where do you live in Raleigh? I’m moving from Michigan to there in January. I’ve been there 4 times now with my horns, and it seems like people there do not get scared. Maybe because I live so close to Detroit, people are on edge here.

I live in the North Raleigh area near Capital Blvd and 540. Maybe we’ll run into each other at some point.