Headache Rack installs

Anyone ever install their horn on a headache rack? I found one on Craigslist for 150 and plan on putting it up on top somehow. Any advice lol??

Here is what I got to work with

Space for Rent

I imagine you would need to add a brace slanting back to keep it up, the horns will create a ton of drag, One day I would like to do that :smiley:

Ya, I think I’m going to give it a shot though. I’ve seen it done (shoulda gotten pics) with a K5la. But this high mount bracket is very tall haha. I think with a 6x8ish Piece of flat steel (1/4"thick) and a Piece of angle iron to form a support to one of the middle pieces this should be do-able.

Can’t be much worse than the lightbar :confused:

Here it is installed. I’m hoping Monday i can take it to the local Fab shop and get the welders opinion!!

Haha… That looks awesome and very menacing. I predict that all drivers tailing you will be on their best behaviour from now on. :wink:

oh i thought you meant have them above your cab LOL

Yea I do mean way up there. Lol

I want to mount them on the bar that says “Back Rack” pointing forward.

Sorry for the confusion

Searched the forums and found this, so I know it’s possible!!! They didn’t use any support brackets either… Hmmmm


There’s a guy on Youtube with one too. I’ll look for it.

This guy:

He is quite the enthusiast. Lots of videos. Headache rack and bedmount.

That is exaclty what I would like to do one day!