Heart Attacks

So I was on another forum, a car audio forum… Anyways someone was talking about getting a train horn and of course people had different opinions and such. anyways someone posted that "There have been 3 heart attacks due to train horn incidents since 2006. Might be more but thats all i have read so far. I think one was here in orlando! I think they are DUMB even more stupid then having PA/horns speakers under your car. Just my opinion. To each their own! Good luck on the rest of the build, im tuned it :slight_smile: ". So my question is How many heart attacks really have been due to train horning? I mean Sure with all of the popularity with them there probably have been a couple. I was just wondering how many. I on the other hand think they are great as well as PAs but to each their own.

when i went to install mine they guy who install it says that here in miami that was illegal that two old woman die because of that heart attacks… I always try to do not honk at old people because you never know.

Are these documented cases?

If so, where’s the proof?

ya thats what i wanna know…

Thats what I was wondering. I mean most of us have some limitations as to who we honk at. maybe if they were elderly then I could see it, but honestly I don’t think a normal person (normal meaning healthy heart, not obese, etc) would not have a heart attack. I just wanted to see if there was anyone who knew of documented cases where it was specifically a train horn that caused a heart attack.

limitations?? lmao!

haha I dont honk at the elderly or if their pushing a baby. but that just me… to each their own

i don’t honk at old people thats it lol ohhh and police of course lol

Fu*k the police haha. Ive done it next to a cop. with had a bunch of cars around me so he didn’t know where it came from. he just ducked and looked around for someone. haha I played it out pretending I was looking to see where it was coming from… good times. lol

haha ive done it around a cop a few times…only been pulled over for it once…

what did that cop say?

I was around our main college campus. And I am known there big time for my horns… Well I was at an innersection and blasted my horn, scaring a few people… Well i didnt know at the time, but there was a cop across the innersection on the left side… Well I made a right hand turn, and speed away… The cop gets his green lights and comes speedin up… I give a little chase trying to get away before he puts his lights on… Well finally he caught up with me and turn his lights on…

I pull over, and he walks up… and here how the convo went…

Cop: Whats up with the horn on this truck?
Me: I dunno what your talkin about
Cop: You know what I’m talkin bout…
Me: (I hit my stock horn) It quietly goes beep beep…
Cop: Not that horn the other one!
Me: I still have clue what your talkin bout…
Cop: I heard you at the innersection
Me: I heard that too…and I laugh a lil
Cop: (looks around and sees a switch under my steerin wheel) Whats that?
Me: My compressor switch
Cop: Aight well look, we have way too many complaints on this vehicle, don’t blow your horn around here no more, we have your plate number, we know who you are… If we get any more complaints we will get a warrent
Me: uhhhhhhhh… shrugs shoulders… ookay!?!
Cop: Get outta here, drive safe.

Its in my other thread under my scare stories

oh yes. I remember reading about it now… haha


haha i was the other day in a food store and i saw this cop outside and i ask him "officer if i have a train horn on my car its that illegal? he said no you can have it but you can’t honk it and i was ohh why the honk would i want i train horn and don’t honk it lol well he said after you have one i was like mmmmmmm no well yeah he said show me i was scare lol i start my car and i honk that poop and he was lauging hahaha he said to me you guys are crazy look kid you can honk it it all depens who stops you if the police men that stops you is an a$$hole he will give you a ticket if i stop you i will only give you a warning or just let you know that you can not have it, i told him i know officer some cops are a Richard but some of you are really nice he was like yeah u are right lol

haha the censorship changed d*cks to Richard



punctuation > you

down in FL a cop has to hear you honk your horn, a warrent for a train horn? hahaha is that even possible? i had a friend tell me a story…he was leaving a restaurant with his wife and 8 month old kid and a stupid redneck honks his 3 chrome truckstop horn in the parking lot scaring his kid and wife. He calls the cops on the guy and the cop gets there and says there isnt anything the cop could do…