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I’ve been reading for about a year but this is my 1st post. I have assembled what I think is a pretty stout setup and I’m at the final stage which is compressor selection. So far the build consists of a 20 gallon tank, that’s going to supply a GW 353 to Nathan k6la’s with remote mounts. The truck is a 2017 f350 the truck has a kelderman air ride suspension that consists of 2 5 gallon tanks and 2 ob2’s they control front and rear lifts independently. I’m currently running a HB shocker XL’s setup using that system, my plan is to keep that setup as is and add the second air system independently just for the k6la’s. This will give me the stock horn the shockers or the Nathan’s independently or all together- lol. I do plan on installing a remote valve between tanks in the event my air suspension fails I can supply that system with the other and vice versa. Truck has the 6.7 diesel with the HD dual alternator setup I have a total of 480 amps with the factory alternators and all diesels have twin batteries. I’m debating between a oasis 4000 or 4 air zenith ob2 compressors. Thoughts and recommendations are greatly appreciated. I’m open to ideas. Thanks in advance!!

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Go engine driven if you have the room. I’ve been running this one for almost ten years and zero problems.



I would love to go under the hood. Unfortunately with the dual alternator setup I don’t have the room. I looked into a single alternator that can supply close to the existing amps with my duals but I can’t find one for daily use. I don’t want to drop the duals alternators I need the juice. The truck has the supplemental cab heater a 4 amp stereo system and a winch. I don’t really count the lighting anymore because it’s all LED. Point is I’m using a bunch of amps. I looked around on the 6.7 block down low thinking if I could find some holes I would fab some brackets and put it down low. Problem is I don’t have holes to mount brackets with and I don’t think having the compressor hang down low is good with the rain snow salt etc in the northeast. If someone has done this or has fitted a engine driven compressor and maintained the dual alternator setup I’m all ears, definitely agree with you marineone it would be the best option.

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