Hello from Buffalo NY

My names jerry, i own a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado thats fairly modded out. A couple of the mods include flowmaster dual super 40 exhaust, K&n FIPK intake, custom wait4me 93 tune, and of course why we are all here, HB4H train horn w/ 3 gal tank and other goodies to go with it. I will be making up a post in the gallery section to go more into detail about my truck and everything i put on it, but heres a few to tie you over :smiley:

I look forward to helping others out and getting ideas on how to make my truck even better.

welcome to the site, nice truck and setup you have there… so how loud should i expect my horns to be? im getting the same setup.:smiley:

extremely loud, you will be happy

:smiley: i seriously cant wait. im calling HB tomorrow to get my tracking number, they said it should be here wednesday but i want to make sure.

I was happy with my 4 horns i had only reason i have 8 is i got a ood deal on the second set and had to upgrade to 1/2 inch line and valve because they needed more air to run them all

what kinda pressure are you running to push 8 horns? i thought about getting another set but that would only be 75 psi per splitter, unless you run another line off the tank which is an option…

thanx for the comments. I really love this horn. I bought my initial setup on ebay and it had the 3 trumpet siege engineering train horn which was loud (ran it at 200 psi) but it was too much maintanance to keep up. I went thru 3 sets of diaphragms with that thing. The HB4H is a lot nice and better made even tho its plastic. sound is great.

running 150 psi

is it much louder or mainly just deeper compared to only 1 set blowing?

it is louder i’ve also got a high flow 1/2 air valve so it lets more air through wich inturn = louder

ive got a 1/2" valve on mine also… 3/8 tubing supplying it tho

Welcome to the forums bro glad you like the HB4H I just finsihed mine today awesome sound.

thanx, yea it is awesome. I was driving home from work today and it was a great stress reliever!

I hear yea! I dont know bout anyone else, but if im in a bad or poopy mood… All I have to do is blast my horn and scare 1 person and I am the happiest person again! lol