Hello from Cincy

Hi everyone,

Been looking at adding a set of horns to both my truck and boat for a few years now and have been apprehensive about spending the money with so many different vendors out there and so much bull out there as well.

Looking forward to learning a bit more and getting some good advice.


welcome to the forums! and I’m sure the guys on here will guide you in the right direction!

welcome to the forums! Any of the kits from hornblasters are great kits my suggestion is if your on a budget at the minimum get one of the kits with the S4 Shocker Horns you cant go wrong with those

Welcome, do your research to find which horn set will make u honky…

Welcome, u came to the right place… Ask any question u got, and Im sure it will be answered

Welcome and ask away. horns are what we do lol
between all the people on this forum we have had it all
at one point.
i have horns as small as a Hammer 3 from
siege engineering to the
Tyfon 425 on my house:eek:
i have at one point own all the stuff
hornblasters sells - that darn dvd i keep forgetting

well im taking to much so ask away so i can talk